Perlbuzz news roundup for 2009-09-02


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The news roundup is just an aggregated collection of Twitter tweets. At the time I posted it, there wasn't one.

In the comment of the ruby news thingie someone says we have something like this in Perl - ... :)

There are a couple comments mentioning different projects to provide functionality similar to this "Hijack" project.

While it doesn't sound nearly as new and cool, Lisp has had this sort of functionality for along time. It's sophisticated enough that people wrote a server called SWANK to allow Lisp programmers to connect to Lisp images/processes remotely over SSH. And of course, one can modify the Lisp image without halting execution. It's pretty handy stuff!

Maybe Perl can get a leg up on this... would be a pretty killer feature. ;)

Mmmmm....the goodness of XML::Twig. Thank you Michel Rodriguez!

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