Perl gets modern community blogging platform at


In a move of unparalleled beauty, Dave Cross and Aaron Crane have announced, a modern blogging platform for the Perl community.

Go look. Enjoy the non-ugly color scheme. Marvel at the code syntax highlighting and ability to embed images. Navigate posts using thoughtful categories.

A million thanks to Dave and Aaron for putting this together, and to Six Apart for the design. Links to feeds will be going up here on Perlbuzz as soon as I have time.


Not quite ready? Tried to sign up..."cannot fork" error. Tried again..."username already exists". Tried to get my password sent to me..."cannot fork". Tried again..."account locked".


I should also say...I will definitely use it.

We may have gone live a little too early on this project. We're having all sorts of memory allocation errors which are causing unpredictable behaviour

Apologies for raising people's hopes too soon. Please bear with us. We'll have it sorted in a couple of days.

Not a problem Dave...very excited about the project!

I also get this "can not fork" error message and no confirmation email :( Hmpf.

Yeah, I got a 'cannot fork error too'. At least I could try to log in as me, and it seems to know that I haven't validated yet. So that's hopeful.

Not sure where else to suggest this so I thought I'd put it here: it would be nice if the text highlight color (::selection and ::-moz-selection) was changed so it's not white on white.

Not sure if this only works in FF or what but as it is now you can only tell that you've selected text in the lower posts by the text changing from black to dark blue which is almost imperceptible.

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