gets a beautiful upgrade


Robert Spier writes

To match the massive advances in Perl over the last few years, has been brought into the modern era. has been completely redesigned, making it clearer and easier to use. All the content has been reviewed and brought up-to-date to provide links and other helpful resources for both new and experienced Perl programmers.

Thanks to for donating time from Leo Lapworth, Stephen Morgan, and Cameron Richmond!

Holy cow is it pretty. Thanks to those who made it happen! The download page is especially handy.


It was about time :-)

Looking very good!

That is awesome. Many thanks to those that made this possible.

very nice.

I just do not think 'holy cow' qualifies in Perl world. Holy Camel would be better. OK, I know it is an Oreilly trademark... but hell... well, forget it all :)

Um. Yeah. I guess my previous comment got HTML-garbled (hidden). I had said (something like it anyway):

<3 Very nice.

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