Perl 6 has data dumping built in


Any Perl 5 programmer who's worked with Perl 5 more than a few months has learned about how invaluable the Data::Dumper module is. The ability to say

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper( \%hash );

is a godsend to debugging data structures of any complexity.

Perl 6 has this dumping built in.

uniqua:~/rakudo/lab $ cat dumper

use v6;

my %hash = (
    'this'     => 'that',
    'year'     => 2112,
    'matcher'  => regex { ^ M(r|rs|s)\. \s+ (\w+) \s+ Wall $ },
    'rational' => 0.5,
    'num'      => (0.5).Num,

say %hash.perl;
# Or %hash.perl.say

uniqua:~/rakudo/lab $ ./dumper
{"num" => 0.5, "this" => "that", "year" => 2112,
"rational" => 1/2, "matcher" => { ... }}

Regex dumping does not display the actual regex yet, but Patrick Michaud says it's coming soon.


Perl5 also had this built in. Just use the debugger and type x \%hash. Then you don't have to put in Data::Dumper and print statements and then have to take them out.

That is of course if your application lends itself to easy debugging, otherwise I'd happily go with say %hash.perl.

How do we format it?
Perl5 was something like:
$Data::Dumper::Sortkeys = 1;
$Data::Dumper::Indent = 1;

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