HTML::Tidy 1.54 released


I put out a new version of HTML::Tidy last night, as well as tidyp, the C library on which it is based. It should take care of much of the build problems, and the install instructions are updated.

If you've been frustrated with tidy and previous versions of HTML::Tidy, please give this one a try. If installing tidyp manually is giving you fits, you can also try Alien::Tidyp.



Thanks for all your hard work!

Hi Andy,

I just tried installing HTML::Tidy 1.54 on Windows Vista using:

cpan HTML::Tidy

Two problems occurred:
First, the cpan command downloaded and tried to install 1.52. (I checked the CPAN website and the correct version is there). Not sure what is going on with the cpan command. I tried upgrading cpan on my machine but it said it was up to date (v1.9402).

Second, the C compile failed because it could not find: tidyp.h
Perhaps this error is present in 1.52 and not in 1.54.

Any ideas why the cpan command downloads 1.52 (where would it get it, since CPAN has 1.54)? Very strange stuff happening here!


Different mirrors may not have the latest one yet. You might also need to force a reload of the CPAN index.

As to not being able to find tidyp.h, you don't have the tidyp library installed. That has to be done first. Or, install Alien::Tidyp which does it for you.

Thanks for the info. I installed Alien::Tidyp and forced a reload of the CPAN index. After this HTML::Tidy 1.54 installed perfectly.

cpan Alien::Tidyp and cpan HTML::Tidy on win32+MSVC works perfectly - thank you very much Andy

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