ack 1.96 released, now ignores minified Javascript files

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I released ack 1.96 last night. ack is a code searching tool like grep that is tuned for programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code. Details about ack are at

You can install App::Ack from the CPAN, or follow other instructions at

Details of the update:

  • Now ignores minified Javascript files. Anything matching -min.js or .min.js is ignored.
  • Lua can now get detected from the shebang line. Thanks, Matthew Wild.
  • Added support for version numbers in executables in shebang detection. Now if your Perl program's shebang refers to /usr/local/bin/perl-5.14.1, ack will find it.
  • Added Groovy support (--groovy).
  • Added .pm6 as a --perl extension.

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