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  • The Perl Unicode cookbook (
  • bdfoy’s got some ideas for code (
  • How @rjbs spent his Perl QA Hackathon (
  • The homepage for ack is completely redesigned. Hooray for open source, making up for my lack of design skillz. (
  • Tricks to compiling mod_perl 2 to OS X Lion (
  • Have you seen perl-reversion? (
  • Using WWW::Mechanize and mech-dump to get my scratchy 45s (
  • DBD::Firebird releases v1.0 (
  • Recap of the Perl QA Hackathon (
  • Reading about what people are working on = happy. (
  • Whatever task you have, it’s probably already on CPAN (
  • The Perl Foundation wants to give you money to work on Perl (
  • More niche modules, “incredibly useful for about 5 people on earth”: (
  • Did you know prove has –shuffle to run tests in random order? Has randomizing tests uncovered bugs for you?
  • MetaCPAN has a new logo (
  • RT @dukeleto This is a huge step forward in #perl dependency management: “carton bundle” support! (
  • RT @aaronlerch Some devs think “I’ll just copy and paste this code block.” Now you have two problems. Now you have two problems.
  • Would love to see this Perl::Critic talk (
  • “The Python site talks about the value the reader gets out of Python, while the Perl site talks about Perl” (
  • How to get ahead in open source: Wear sunscreen. (
  • Help Open Source Bridge select session proposals (
  • MetaCPAN at the QA hackathon (
  • Perl Foundation helps fund critical Perl 5 dev (