Using WWW::Mechanize to get my scratchy 45s


I'm a big fan of WFMU's Beware of the Blog. So much music geekery and arcana in one handy source!

Sometimes there will be a post with lots of MP3s for download, like this one today with long-forgotten 45s of songs paying tribute to Merle Haggard. I don't want to listen to the mp3s in my browser, and I don't want to manually do the Save As dance in the browser.

Perl and WWW::Mechanize to the rescue! If you have WWW::Mechanize installed, you also have the mech-dump utility. mech-dump started as a tool to make it easier to create WWW::Mechanize programs by showing what form fields exist, but it does more than that. By default, mech-dump will fetch a page and display the forms and fields on the web page. If you call it with --links, you'll only get back the links, like so:

alester:~ $ mech-dump --links
... etc ...

Filter that output through grep and pass it to xargs and wget, and you've got a handy MP3-only downloader.

alester:~ $ mech-dump --links [big URL] | grep mp3$ | xargs wget

--2012-04-04 09:27:32--

100%[=======================================================>] 4,935,323   4.08M/s   in 1.2s

... etc ...

I suspect very few Mech users are aware of mech-dump, and how handy it can be from the command line. I wish I'd done a better job of publicizing it.


Yes, you're right. I wasn't aware of mech-dump. Thanks for the tip.

If you're a Firefox user, you should look at the DownloadThemAll! extension. It will list all links and you can quickly select e.g. mp3-links and download them. See

TIL about mech-dump. Thanks, Andy.

If you want to make mech-dump more visible, perhaps link it in a SEE ALSO section of WWW::Mechanize's POD?

Mech-dump looks great! Seconding Steve's suggestion to update the POD. Also, you're able to save yourself some time/processes by skipping xargs altogether and sucking straight from STDIN with wget's -i switch:

mech-dump --links | grep mp3$ | wget -i-

Great article!

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