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  • Open source is built on code, but our communities are stitched together with kind words, gratitude, and little acts of service.
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  • The Perl Shop Maturity Checklist: Technical (
  • Would love to see this talk at YAPC::EU about packaging (
  • Still no proposals for YAPC::Europe 2013 (
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  • Taking another look at Perl 6 (
  • Hiring Perl devs is hard only if you want them co-located (
  • Experimenting with Mojolicious+DBIx::Class (
  • Tracking your commonly used shell commands, using Perl 6 (
  • Perl module ideas: Maybe a project in here for you? (
  • A review of CPAN modules for getting module dependency information (
  • A new mailing list for discussing Perl in science (
  • Logging LWP HTTP requests with Log::Any (
  • Cygwin Perl upgrdaed from 5.10 to 5.14 (
  • Ten-point checklist for creating good bug reports (