vim-perl needs your help


The vim-perl projects collects all the Perl-related vim support files in one place, and now it needs more TLC that I can provide it, which probably means someone other than me needs to maintain it.

A few years ago, I created vim-perl because there were about a half dozen different Perl-related files out there, all with different maintainers. There were two different perl6.vim files floating around on the web, and even the Perl 5-related files weren't maintained in a single place. Worst of all, there was no process for getting changes and improvements in these files back to Bram Moolenaar for inclusion in the main vim distribution.

Now, with vim-perl, there's a single source for all Perl-related files (syntax, indent, ftplugin, etc) and they get fed back to the vim core whenever there's an impending vim release. Anyone wanting to update their local ~/.vim directories can download and install the latest.

The problem with this solution is that I'm not a vim scripting whiz. I know enough of the vim language to get little things done, but that's not enough to maintain the package. The tech issues that have come up are beyond my knowledge. The issues queue has 51 issues that I don't have the skills to fix and don't have the time to attack. I have a bunch of pull requests pending, but I don't feel like I'm qualified to address whether they're correct or not.

There is also a lot of interest in making vim-perl an installable package using Pathogen or other related vim package managers, and I know zero about that.

Can you help? Are you interested in maintaining the project, or can you help me provide some technical direction? If so, please post to the vim-perl mailing list and let me know.


You might consider turning creating a "github organization" for vim-perl and moving the ownership of the group to that organization. Then additional maintainers may be added who can help. Sadly I'm not one of them, but perhaps it will help.

I second the github-organization motion and would also volunteer to be a member of it (@rwstauner). I have a few other vim projects that I'm maintaining from which I've learned a lot about vim hacking (though there is always much more to learn). I didn't post to the ML as I'm away from my pc at the moment and not currently a member.

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