Perlbuzz news roundup for 2013-02-25

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These links are collected from the Perlbuzz Twitter feed. If you have suggestions for news bits, please mail me at

  • Want to help clean up Perl 5 tickets, but don't know C or perlguts? Start here: (
  • Improving Perl's new programmer outreach (
  • DBIx::Class vs. DBI: Which to use when? (
  • Comparing the speed of five file-finding modules (
  • Web scraping with modern Perl (
  • YAPC::NA 2013 is June 3-5 in Austin, TX (
  • Test::Class::Moose now available (
  • Magically make @github issues out of TODOs in your code (
  • The continuing growth of CPAN uploads for the past 24 years (
  • Working with large gzipped files in Perl (
  • regexper draws out your regexes visually. Handy for debugging. (
  • Why I use Perl and will continue to do so (
  • A much faster DBIx::Class public trial (
  • Any posting about your project that doesn't link to something else about your project is a bug and a lost opportunity.
  • Thinking Perl6ishly about variables, expressions and statements (
  • Rakduo Star 2013.02 has "Did you mean..." suggestions for symbol-not-found errors (
  • DBIx::DataModel is a new ORM (
  • Ruby 2.0.0 is released (

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