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Super-sized Perlbuzz news roundup 2009-08-11

August 11, 2009 Conferences, CPAN, Perl 5, Perl 6, Perl Foundation, Rakudo No comments

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Perlbuzz news roundup for 2009-07-30

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Get paid for working on Perl projects in Google Summer of Code 2009

March 21, 2009 Community, Perl 5, Perl 6, Perl Foundation 2 comments

Each year, [Google Summer of Code]( puts hundreds of students to work on open source projects, and pays them for it. The Perl Foundation is proud to announce that it has been accepted as a sponsoring organization this year.
Students propose projects that they’d like to have funded, and are assigned a mentor who will help guide the student and project to completion. For students, this is a great way to contribute to open source, get experience working on real projects that you can put on a resume, and get paid for it. You’ll be helping open source while helping yourself. For mentors, you’ll also be helping open source, and helping a new programmer get his or her start.
Jonathan Leto’s blog has [links to find out more](

Perlbuzz news roundup for 2009-03-03

March 4, 2009 Advocacy, Code craft, Conferences, CPAN, Perl 5, Perl 6, Perl Foundation, Rakudo No comments puts their money where their infrastructure is

December 22, 2008 Business, Perl Foundation No comments

[](, a global hotel reservation service based in the Netherlands, has [donated $50,000 to the Perl Foundation]( to help in further Perl development, specifically Perl 5.10.
As Richard Dice, president of TPF says, “ has demonstrated extraordinary vision and community spirit,” but they also know that their infrastructure needs ongoing support. Their IT team is 50+ persons, and Perl is the “language of choice.”
Thanks to for this donation, and let’s hope it is part of an ongoing trend.
Now, if only TPF could get, say, $5 from every company that used Perl. Think how many programmer-years that could buy to help get [Rakudo]( out the door.

Richard Dice trumpets Perl to the press

August 29, 2008 Advocacy, Perl Foundation 3 comments

Go, Richard, go!

Richard Dice, president of the Perl Foundation, is part of an article on the “state of scripting languages” in CIO magazine.

Of all the scripting languages, Perl offers the biggest installed base of applications, of code, of integrated systems, of skilled programmers. It has the lowest defect rate of any open-source software product. It is ported to essentially every hardware architecture and operating systems, from embedded control systems to mainframes. It is optimized for speed, for memory footprint, for programmer productivity. It has readily-accessible libraries for all types of programming tasks: Web application development, systems and network integration and management, end-user application development, middleware programming, REST and service-oriented architecture programming. Perl is ideal for the organization that takes charge of its own IT future.

Perl Foundation wants to give you money to work on Perl projects

July 1, 2008 Perl Foundation No comments

The Perl Foundation is calling for grant proposals for Perl-related projects. This can be a great way to get funding a project you’re working on, or would like to see worked on. TPF has funded Strawberry Perl, Perl::Critic, pVoice and dozens of other projects in the past. Maybe yours can be the next.

Josh McAdams preaches in the press

June 23, 2008 Perl Foundation No comments

Hooray for Josh McAdams, new PR guy for the Perl Foundation, getting some serious space in this Infoworld article “Scripting languages spark new programming era”. It’s your standard trend-watching high-level gloss for watchers from the sidelines, apparently programming managers who only know of Java (an important target market, to be sure).

It’s unfortunate that Andi Gutmans of PHP has to wave the “I’m full of crap” banner with…

PHP has been around a long time, and some advocates of newer languages say it’s past its prime. PHP adherents disagree. Perl is complex and hard to maintain, Gutmans says. “Perl has pretty much disappeared when it comes to the Web.”

… although it’s interesting that it’s PHP, not Perl, getting accused of being “past its prime.” I also can’t imagine much of anything harder to maintain than PHP slapped together by thousands of non-programmers. Of course, Josh counters with:

But McAdams defended Perl’s vitality, citing examples of major users. “I would ask him what Ticketmaster and Amazon use for their back ends,” McAdams says. “[Perl] has a very large user base in Web apps but also has a strong presence in the financial industry.”

A fine article, Josh, and I thank you for taking on this important role in TPF.

Ian Hague funds Perl 6 development through the Perl Foundation

May 16, 2008 Perl 6, Perl Foundation No comments

Just announced on the TPF news site, a huge donation to TPF to fund Perl 6 development:

On May 14, 2008, The Perl Foundation received a philanthropic donation of US$200,000 from Ian Hague. Mr. Hague is a co-founder of Firebird Management LLC, a financial fund management company based in New York City. This donation was the result of extensive discussions between Mr. Hague, The Perl Foundation and a Perl community member who wishes to remain anonymous.

The purpose of the donation is to support the development of Perl 6, the next generation of the Perl programming language. Roughly half of the funds will be used to support Perl 6 developers through grants and other means. The balance of the funds will be used by The Perl Foundation to develop its own organizational capabilities. This will allow The Perl Foundation to pursue additional funding opportunities to support Perl 6 development. Mr. Hague wants his contribution to be seed funding in that effort.

The Perl Foundation thanks Mr. Hague in the deepest possible terms. This donation is unprecedented in its generosity, scope and vision, and it is precisely what was needed at this junction in the development of Perl 6. We look forward to the greatest of successes with Perl 6, and this contribution is a key part of making that happen. The Perl Foundation will communicate further developments with the Perl community and Mr. Hague as the pieces of this plan are executed.

Thank you to Mr. Hague for supporting Perl 6’s continued development.

TPF wants your input on Q2 grant proposals

May 2, 2008 Perl Foundation 1 comment

In a new move for TPF, the grans committee is soliciting community input on the proposals for this quarter. Alberto Simões writes…

To this post follows a set of posts with proposals received by the
Perl Foundation grants committee during the second call for grant
proposals for 2008. Although not usual, the rules of the TPF GC are
changing and we hope to make this a rule. Proposals are accepted
during one month and after that period, they are posted for public
discussion on the Internet. This is important to make GC more aware
of the community interest on the project, and to help opening the
grants attribution process.

During the month of April we received the following grant

Please take some time on reading the proposals carefully and give
some feedback on the relevance of the proposals.

The article doesn’t say where or how to give feedback, or by when. I’d start at the original posting on the TPF blog.