What commands do you run?

People have been posting in their blogs about what command they run, based on their shell histories. The command that I've seen looks like this:

history|awk '{a[$2]++} END{for(i in a){ \
printf "%5d\t%s \n",a[i],i}}'|sort -rn|head

That works, of course, but who wants to use awk and the shell? I pulled out the old Data::Hash::Totals module I wrote a while back, along with Perl's built-in awk simulation:

$ history | perl -MData::Hash::Totals -ane'$x{$F[1]}++;' \
-e'END{print as_table(\%x, comma => 1)}' | head
207 vim
143 svn
125 make
 90 ack
 77 cd
 45 sdvx
 34 ssq
 31 ls
 25 ./login-fixup
 19 tail

alester:~ : cat `which sdvx`

svn diff -x -w $* | view -
and ssq is just an alias for svn status -q.



Chris Dolan said:

For tcsh, you have to pull the third column instead of the second column for the default output of history...

My top five are:

101 fg
50 make
34 svn
32 perl
19 cd

I run a single, long-lived instance of emacs with dozens of buffers. I routinely Ctrl-Z to halt it, run a command, and fg to resume it.

jdv said:

305 ant
122 cd
119 vim
95 svk
71 ls
70 ssh
55 svn
51 grep
15 rm
11 p

I've been doing a lot of flex work lately; that's the ant. I think the p is from my ctrl key not working when trying to rapidly run a command in the recent history. Otherwise not too surprising to me.

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