Every year at this time brings the Perl Advent Calendar, 24 days of great new modules for you to know about. But what's this? This year the Perl Advent Calendar seems to have trouble starting up. They're looking for submissions for this year's calendar, and since it's already December 3rd, get on it!

In the mean time, the Catalyst team have put out their own Catalyst Advent Calendar with 25 days of Catalyst tips. Catalyst is "the elegant MVC framework" and has quite a bit of traction. Their website is certainly better looking than your average Perl project website.

Finally, PHP guru and all-around swell guy Chris Shiflett is running his own advent calendar focusing on a different member of the PHP community, and tips and tricks from that person. It's really nicely done. I'm also coveting the formatting for his code blocks. I'll just add "steal code block CSS from Shiflett's site" to the extremely long Perlbuzz.com to-do list.