I'd been meaning to write up a summary of blog posts that people had written about the QA hackathon that happened in Oslo a few days ago. Fortunately, Adam Kennedy did it for me, summarizing what the QA thinkers decided, and didn't decide, in those few days in Norway.

[M]y main desire for the Oslo QA Hackathon was to sit a large percentage of the CPAN movers and shakers down in one place and try to iron out some of the inconsistencies around certain metadata issues. I'm happy to report that we managed to obtain either consensus or an agreement to not make a decision and take a "wait and see" approach on a number of issues.

Bonus points for him actually having been there, unlike me. Thanks to all of you for putting your heads together to forge some direction.

David Golden points out there's a much larger writeup of other activities from the hackathon on the Perl QA wiki.