In a new move for TPF, the grans committee is soliciting community input on the proposals for this quarter. Alberto Simões writes…

To this post follows a set of posts with proposals received by the
Perl Foundation grants committee during the second call for grant
proposals for 2008. Although not usual, the rules of the TPF GC are
changing and we hope to make this a rule. Proposals are accepted
during one month and after that period, they are posted for public
discussion on the Internet. This is important to make GC more aware
of the community interest on the project, and to help opening the
grants attribution process.

During the month of April we received the following grant

Please take some time on reading the proposals carefully and give
some feedback on the relevance of the proposals.

The article doesn’t say where or how to give feedback, or by when. I’d start at the original posting on the TPF blog.