Gábor Szabó writes:

I have set up a newsletter called Test Automation Tips where I am going to send out various ideas I have on the subject. As someone who has been practicing it for several years and teaching it since 2003 (see QA Test Automation using Perl) I might have a few interesting things to say. Especially as mostly it is stuff I learned from the folks on the Perl-QA list. I hope it will be an interesting read. The tips will come from several languages, most probably Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript but I might give examples in Java and maybe even in .NET.

In addition I have set up the Test Automation Discussion list, a public mailing list where people from the various languages and projects can come together and discuss their experiences. For example on the PHP-QAT mailing list there is currently a discussion on the addition of something called XFAIL which is very similar to the TODO tests in TAP. I am sure people from the Perl world could give their opinion there, but the same subject could be discussed on a cross language mailing list as well.

For the RSS and Atom junkies I have setup a Planet called Test Automation Planet. It is aggregating blogs and is trying to filter on subjects related to testing. I'd be really glad to get more suggestions on what to add. Earlier I hardly read blogs but this already brought me several interesting entries.

Lastly, I am going to teach my QA Test Automation using Perl course on 19-20, June, right after YAPC::NA in Chicago. The syllabus is here. The registration is on the same page as the other master classes organized by brian d foy: Master Classes after YAPC::NA::2008

Gábor Szabó - born in Hungary and living in Israel - has been using Perl since 1995 and teaching it both in Israel and overseas since 2000 via his company, Perl Training Israel. He is the organizer of the Perl mongers in Israel and he has been organizing the YAPC and OSDC conferences in Israel since 2003.