Dave Rolsky writes:

I have a lot of modules on CPAN. There are way too many for me to give them all the attention they deserve, so often patches get dropped and bugs ignored.

In particular, there are a few that could use the attention of someone interested in helping maintain them. Log::Dispatch is used by a lot of people, and could definitely use some attention. There are a number of open bugs in RT, and I have more patches & bugs in my email inbox.

Another distro that could use some love is my ORM Alzabo. I don’t think it has a lot of users, but if you are a user of it and want to see it better maintained, let me know.

If there is some other distro of mine that you’d like to help maintain, especially one with open bugs, please let me know.

Write to autarch@urth.org and tell me what you’d like to help with. If I don’t know you, I’ll probably ask you to start by submitting a patch. All of my code is in my svn repo, so getting the latest version is easy (https://svn.urth.org/svn/Distro-Name/trunk).

Dave Rolsky has written a ton of modules. He’s also vegan, tall and super cool.