Joshua Hoblitt pounced on me in AIM this morning as soon as I opened my laptop.

Joshua Hoblitt: Here's something to put on Perlbuzz.

JH: WTF MVC framework is working this week?

Andy Lester: Sounds like an editorial in the making?

JH: Maypole is dead, Catalyst is um, well, I've never managed to finish a project with it.

JH: The documentation is SHIIITTT.

JH: And the book is one of the most crapped-on books I've ever seen on Amazon.

JH: So Catalyst is a no go for me.

JH: So what's left? Roll your own with Mason?

AL: CGI::Application?

JH: Ya, I've used it for small stuff.

JH: The kind of stuff you put in one monster .pm file so it's trivial to install.

JH: Hmm, there's MasonX::MiniMVC.

JH: And this egg thing.

AL: Can I post this chat as an article?

JH: Please do.

I've gone through a similar thought process recently. I've started looking at CGI::Application, but the work project where I was starting to use it has been derailed for a weeks.

I welcome your ideas on the state of frameworks, either in comments below, or as a guest editorial.