Plain Black, the guys that put out WebGUI and give out the purple octopi at YAPC and OSCON, have put five years of WebGUI conference videos online at

Tavis Parker of Plain Black writes:

WebGUI TV (WGTV) is a free video library containing archival footage of past WebGUI Users Conference presentations, as well as videos from other training resources. Close to 150 videos on all topics related to WebGUI are currently available, and the collection will continue to grow!

Perl developers will be pleased to hear that WebGUI TV includes several presentations on topics such as basic Perl programming, object-oriented Perl, WWW::Mechanize, Test::More, and mod_perl development. These topics are very relevant given that WebGUI is the most comprehensive and widely used Perl content management system available. Aside from being a popular CMS, WebGUI has also become a widely used application framework for building web apps.

To learn more about WebGUI TV, read JT Smith’s announcement in The Black Blog.

Most of the videos seem to include the slides for download, too. Many of the talks are about WebGUI itself, but there’s Perl-specific content, like Chris Dolan talking about Perl::Critic, Writing with YUI and so on.

Thanks to JT & co. for making this available. I’ve been to so many conferences where there are cameras around, and you just hope that the video will get uploaded, and it rarely does, and certainly not as complete as this archive.