Infoworld blogger Neil McAllister referred to Perl 6 as having “graduated to vaporware”, and chromatic dissented. McAllester prints a lot of chromatic’s letter and adds his own commentary, and it’s a good read.

I’m glad chromatic wrote it, and McAllister ran the article, but the fact still stands that Perl 6 is vapor enough for most organizations wanting to do anything useful. The fact is that most organizations and users are going to wait for Rakudo Perl 1.0, or maybe Rakudo Perl 1.0 beta 1, before they start sniffing at it.

I wonder how we can merge these two concerns. How can we let people know about the Perl 6 that is usable here and now, such as the November wiki package written in Perl 6, and the features that people can use today and rely on not changing, while still acknowledging that Perl 6 isn’t at the state that people will want to count on?

Does there need to be Rakudo Perl Early Adopter Edition, for example? I understand that any given Rakudo build could be Early Adopter Edition, but I’m talking about releasing and publicizing something that is specifically called that.

(Also, please don’t bother explaining WHY Perl 6 is at the state it’s in. I know why, and the people who are waiting for 1.0 don’t care why. That’s not the point of my question.)