The Perl Foundation has announced a Hague Grant for Jerry Gay to implement the Rakudo Perl command line interface.

The work will be to define the S19 synopsis pertaining to command-line interaction with Perl 6, and to provide a Rakudo implementation of the synopsis.

Jerry will need to document the Perl 6 command line syntax, implement its tests, create a command line parsing library for Parrot, and implement a subset of the Perl 6 command line syntax.

I couldn’t be happier with this direction. I made some vain stabs at command line interaction on Rakudo long ago, but not much came of it. Having a command line interface will make it much easier for users to work with Rakudo as it progresses. Perl without being able to do filtering magic isn’t very Perly, no?

Patrick Michaud also received a Hague Grant, to work on the Perl Compiler Toolkit and regexes and other internal hoohah. I’m sure it’s useful, but this feeble-minded reporter’s head hurt when trying to follow the details of the grant.