This year, I'm only listing a few Perl things I'm thankful for (still have to make corn souffle for dinner!), and I leave it to you, the Perlbuzz readers, to tell me yours. [Here's last year's list]( ## Devel::NYTProf I know, I talk about Devel::NYTProf a lot, but it's such a huge leap forward in technology for us. I love love love it. ## Web414 & Bucketworks I'm about as far from Milwaukee as I am from Chicago, and [Web414]( is a great community of people. It's not all Perl, and not all programmers for that matter, but I'm glad they're there. I'm especially glad for [Bucketworks]( and the amazing space they have there. If Pete Krawczyk (see below) and I organize another hackathon, it'll be at Bucketworks. ## Ricardo Signes Is there anything Ricardo doesn't work on? He's [Mr. Email](, he's got an [assload of modules on CPAN](, and now he's trying to [replace Module::Starter for module maintenance]( Someone out in Pennsylvania needs to buy him a beer for me. ## Pete Krawczyk Besides being a relatively unsung guy who makes a lot of things happen, like being instrumental in organizing two YAPCs and a hackathon, Pete happens to be physically close by most of the time, usually in a cube kitty-corner from me, and I can bounce all my crazy-ass ideas off of him. He's one of those people who doesn't get the spotlight, but makes things happen behind the scenes. ## The Parrot team I'm very excited about the progress that Parrot is making, [hurtling to version 1.0]( It's the basis of Rakudo Perl, but it also will help bring Perl culture out into the open again. ## You I'm thankful for you, the Perlbuzz reader, because you're going to let everyone else know, either here or in your own blog, what you're thankful for in the world of Perl this year. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I can't wait for my post-turkey nap.