This makes me so happy. Eric Wilhelm writes in [this use.perl posting](
> Our [December Meeting]( was a rakudo workshop, where we realized that rakudo had no implementation of `warn()`. While the implementation that got checked-in by the end of the meeting is not fully compliant with the spec’s requirement that warn() throws a certain sort of resumable exception, it does now at least exist, and prints your message on stderr.
While I love any given gathering of Perl Mongers, whether to have a technical talk or just to drink beer, I’ve always thought that it would be great to have PM groups use their collected talents to add directly to the Perl community. My long-dormant [Phalanx project]( was an attempt to take advantage of that.
Now, has made a concrete contribution to the #1 need of the Perl community today: Getting a Perl 6 implementation out the door.
Bravo to!