I just gave [my keynote at Frozen Perl](http://www.slideshare.net/petdance/frozen-perl-2009-keynote), and one of the big points I made was that we don't know what Perl 6 is going to look like. It's totally a green field. There's no toolchain, no LWP, no DBI, etc. My big question: Should Perl 6 use the CPAN? Does an 11 year-old distribution system make sense in 2009? In 1998, when we didn't have everything living in a cloud, and hosting websites took a lot of money, and if you wanted massive bandwidth, you were at a big company or a university. In 2009, those are no longer true. Of course, I'm not suggesting that we don't distributing thousands of excellently awesome modules to the world. If we didn't, we wouldn't be Perl. But does it need to be through a centralized distribution channel like PAUSE + CPAN? I don't have an answer. Discuss.