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  • Tim Bunce surveys customer relationship management systems in Perl (
  • Sending mail through Gmail with Perl (
  • From the DarkPAN: “The Perl community should move forward without worrying overly much about us that have to drive in the slow lane.” (
  • rgs’s blog post about his resignation as bleadperl pumpking (
  • How we should address the DarkPAN problem (
  • I think chromatic’s points boil down to TAGNI: They Ain’t Gonna Need It, where They is the unknown DarkPAN. I’m inclined to (agree.)
  • Patrick Michaud is looking for Rakudo release managers (
  • perl/vendor/site explained (
  • Top five non-technical mistakes made by programmers (
  • Six modules to help with complexity management (
  • Test::Pod is now on github. Bug fixes welcome! (
  • CPAN Explorer gets props in Visual Complexity (
  • Upgrading Debian packages with newer CPAN releases (