I'm sitting in the communication lobby on the fringe of the p5p meeting discussing potential ways of doing releases for Perl 5. It's quite a brain-dump of Perl 5 names: Chip Salzenberg, David Adler, Patrick Michaud, David Wheeler, Robert Spier, Paul Fenwick, Jacinta Richardson, Tim Bunce, Michael Schwern, Ricardo Signes and Jesse Vincent. Here are twelve brilliant programmers in the Perl world, and they're talking about a rancorous topic, but there's no anger, no animosity. The talk is honest and frank, but the benefit of having everyone present is clear. It makes me happy to see. In sessions today, Jacinta's survey of Perl frameworks was great, in that it was pragmatic and aimed directly at the programmer wondering "What should I do my next talk in?" I skipped out early on Tim Bunce's Devel::NYTProf talk, but I've seen a couple of tweets being very impressed with it.