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  • 2009 WebGUI Users Conference Sep 10-11 (
  •’s source is now at I welcome contributions.
  • The PAUSE security updates re: Perlmonks security breach are complete. Thanks Adam+Andreas. (
  • How to boost your career by contributing to open source projects (
  • Help become a great tool for Perl newcomers (
  • Help Tim Bunce update his Perl Myths talk (
  • What a tangled web Kwalitee culting has accidentally woven (
  • On today’s episode of Dreadful APIs of Doom, PHP’s print_r() function: (
  • Jacinta Richardson: A Perl-only conference, and the most awesome community (
  • source code on github (
  • Yuval Kogman: Delimited Continuations for Perl (
  • Alias: We must promote the First Time Experience before we promote Six (
  • Community contributions for those who don’t feel rockstarry enough yet (
  • Typography and perception of Perl (
  • This is why you use Perl’s b zero-width assertion when replacing words. (
  • Why company-based PAUSE accounts are a bad idea. (