I just released ack version 1.90 to CPAN. If you don't know about ack, it's a text searching tool for programmers aimed specifically at searching large trees of code. Find out more at betterthangrep.com.

Here's the changelog for this version:

1.90        Mon Sep  7 23:24:24 CDT 2009
Added Ada support.  Thanks to Shaun Patterson.
Added -r, -R and --recurse options as in grep.  They have no
effect because directory recursion is on by default.  Also added
--no-recurse for orthoganality. Thanks to Mark Stosberg and
Ryan Niebur.
Version in --version is prettier.  Thanks, Ori Avtalion.
Added an updated ack.bash_completion.sh from Adam James.
Expanded --files-without-match to --files-without-matches.
Removed all the hi-bit characters, so we don't have any encoding
problems.  It's all entities now.
Fixed capture-stderr to localize some globals that were obscuring
errors.  Thanks very much to Christopher Madsen.
Fixed uninitialized errors in tickets #138 and #159.
Fixed an incorrect command line in the docs for -f.
Added notes on --pager.  Thanks to Mike Morearty.
Made the squash program more robust when handling POD.  Thanks
to Kent Fredric.
1.89_02     Wed May 13 16:20:21 CDT 2009
Updated Makefile.PL to use new ExtUtils::MakeMaker features.
Thanks, Schwern.
--version now shows the version of Perl that ack is running
under, and the full path to the Perl executable.
Added new switches --color-match and --color-filename, which
let you define ACK_COLOR_MATCH and ACK_COLOR_FILENAME from the
command line.
Added new switch --column to display the column of the first
hit on the row.  Thanks to Eric Van Dewoestine.
Added .ss to --scheme.
No longer die if you have a .tar.gz file in your tree.
More tweaks to get the detection of input and output pipes
Fixed an amazingly bad call to cmp_ok() in t/ack-passthru.t.
Started an ack FAQ.