Go run to the [announcement about Devel::NYTProf v3.0](http://blog.timbunce.org/2009/12/24/nytprof-v3-worth-the-wait/). Marvel at the code profiling goodness. Highlights include: * Ability to profile opcodes, which means... * NYTProf can now profile slow regular expressions * More detailed stats on BEGIN blocks * Treemap of subroutines * Tracking of which subs called which other subs * Graphing of sub calls * Improved report output * Ability to merge profile runs, such as when a process spawns other processes like mod_perl code does. Already I have found that my regular expression compilation is taking 6% of the runtime in my sample runs in [ack](http://betterthangrep.com). I had no idea. Just amazing. Go try it now, and buy Tim Bunce and the other contributors a beer.