My project list is a mile long, and I’m wondering what you’re working on, too.
Here’s mine, in no order:
* Internals of [Parrot](, trying to get the underlying C API handle to handle const STRING *.
* Putting out [tidyp](, my fork of libtidy, and HTML::Tidy which will rely on it.
* Thinking about the plug-in API for [ack]( 2.0.
* Wanting to get more grep-like programs listed on [](
* Gathering together info on Plack and PSGI for an article here
* Getting []( to list both Perl 5 and Perl 6 syntax for how to do things.
* Make an install mechanism for [vim-perl]( so people don’t have to wait for Bram to release a version of vim to get the updates.
* Work on [Perl::Critic]( policies for [](
* Clean out the WWW::Mechanize bug queue, especially making the live tests not run by default.
* Work on a talk on Perl 5.10 and 5.12 for [Chicago Uniforum]( in June.
* Add more languages and more philosophy to [](
* Decide if I want to keep Perlbuzz in Movable Type and upgrade to the next version, or migrate to the Melody fork.
What’s on your plate? Tell us in the comments.