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  • Perl for Big Data: “Hadoop is overrated. Come see what modern Perl can do.” (
  • Why I use Perl: Reliability (
  • Any language would be improved if it had Perl’s testing and library culture. (
  • YAPC::NA 2012’s legacy for future organizers (
  • Evolving tests and code in small steps (
  • mod_perl 2.07 released, works w/Perl 5.16 (
  • HTML::Tree 5.00 fixes memory leak problems (
  • “Our meritocracy is broken.” — @schwern at #yapcna
  • “The people who want to use Perl are those we should be building the community for.” — @schwern at #yapcna
  • Larry Wall had to hack a 25-year Perl ribbon at #yapcna. (
  • generates epub/mobi ebooks of Perl module documentation.
  • Ovid’s “Beginning Perl” available online for free (
  • “There are no stupid questions” says Mojolicious’ @tempire. “Nobody will be mean to you in #mojo IRC channel.” Bravo for publicly stating.
  • When subgroups of your community find it necessary to say “We will not be mean to you,” your community has a Big Problem.
  • Arduino/Dancer-enabled mobile-enhanced door (
  • Boston Ruby works to be beginner-friendly (
  • Reflections on YAPC::NA 2012 (
  • How @mithaldu put the YAPC videos on YouTube (
  • Rakudo Perl 6 on Android (
  • YAPC::NA recap from Sawyer_X (
  • Calculating technical debt with Perl::Critic (