There has been much bandwidth burned up the past week talking about if Perl 5 should get renamed to Perl 7. Here are the only two things that matter:

  • Perl 5 is not going to be renumbered to Perl 7, if for no other reason than because Perl 6 exists, and doing so would effectively say "Perl 6 does not matter."
  • Perl 6 will not be renamed to anything else, no matter how much you might want it to be. Larry has spoken.
  • The End.

You want to help Perl's perception? Instead of arguing with trolls, including that InfoWorld guy, or debating Perl's problems based on anecdotal evidence, how about making something awesome using Perl? If there's something awesome that you love about Perl, then tell people about the awesome thing. Nobody has ever said "Hey, Perl is great" because of something they read. They say it because of code that they use.