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  • Converting your distros to Dist::Zilla (
  • MongoDB::QueryBuilder for complex queries (
  • Every hour arguging negative articles or version numbering is an hour not creating awesomeness. Let’s show, not tell, how great Perl is.
  • Everything you need to know about the Perl 5 / Perl 7 numbering debate (
  • What to do with unwanted modules (
  • The great new Email::Sender (
  • Bad recommendations for Perl books (
  • Adventures in benchmarking with Benchmark::Forking (
  • Very beginner guide to creating modules for your projects (
  • Nobody has applied for a Perl grant in 6 months. Why? (
  • Notes from a newbie: DBIx::Class (
  • Notes from a newbie: HTML/CSS layout (
  • What happened at the Perl Reunification Summit? (
  • Test::Whitespaces is a handy test tool for authors (